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BC.GAME: Start your casino table games journey now

Gambling has taken many forms over the years, and the category that stands out the most is casino table games. Its popularity has persisted for centuries and remains a popular genre in online casinos like BC.GAME. Thanks to modern mobile gaming technology, you can play them anytime and anywhere.

The use of crypto in online casinos today makes this even more exciting for gamblers and traders alike. There are many types of casino table games for you to explore, all offering a fast-paced, low-risk, high-reward experience that made them popular.

Most popular casino table games to try

The game category ‘table games’ is named after its standard setup. They are all played on top of a table, usually with different kinds of equipment like the wheel for roulette, dice for Sic Bo, and cards for everything else. Such a concept, it turns out, works well in a virtual setup like an online casino.

There are dozens of table games available at BC.GAME, and many of them are variations of century-old ones. Here are the best ones by popularity at any online casino worldwide:

Blackjack casino table games

The most iconic of all casino table games is one with the coolest name called ‘blackjack’. It is sometimes known as ‘21’ because its ultimate goal is to form a hand with a winning value that does not exceed that number.

Blackjack is a card counting game, and every card is valued by its rank, but the face cards (Jack, Queen, and Ace) are each equal to 10. 21 is the upper limit, and going overboard ends in a bust. Ace is worth 11 by default, but it reverts to 1 if your hand crosses that.

The game of blackjack begins with two cards placed on every hand. Most versions of casino table games online give all players a shared hand, but some count each participant individually by their seats. Each player gets two face-up cards, and the dealer gets one and another facing down. The game then begins giving you and every other participant a turn to make the following commands:


Draw a card


Pass the turn and retain hand value


Fold your hand and give up the round

Pay insurance

Fold your hand and give up the round


Separate two cards into individual hands (only applicable at a pair starting hand)

Double down

Double your wager, hit once, then stand (only available on the first turn)

Winning by having a higher hand than the dealer or the latter reaching a bust pays 1:1. A natural Ace + 10 or face card is called a blackjack, and it pays 2:1 or 3:2. The insurance pays 2:1 if the dealer’s starting hand is a blackjack.

Roulette casino table games

Roulette is arguably one of the most classic online casino table games at BC.GAME, and it’s popular thanks to its versatility. Unlike blackjack, which only has one way to win, this game gives you many options to place your bets on. Each determines the payout you are likely to win and your chances in each round. It always comes with the following elements:


Spinning mechanism numbered 0 to 36


Has 12 rows and three columns numbered 1 to 36 and 0 at the top

The bets you can make in roulette depend on how many of the numbered pockets will be covered by the wager. Here is a list of all your options:

Type of bet



Bet on 1-18 or 19-36


Bet on odds number only or even numbers only (excluding 0)


Bet on red numbers only or black numbers only


Bet on numbers 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36


Bet on numbers on the left, middle, or right column

Line bet

Bet on numbers in two adjacent rows


Bet on four numbers sharing the same corner


Bet on numbers within a row


Bet on numbers on both sides of the same line

Straight Up

Bet on one number out of 37

Roulette casino table games can also have multiple versions that fundamentally change how it’s played. The most traditional of them is European roulette, which sports the same details above. Multi-wheel roulette introduces the concept of placing one bet on more than one wheel at a time. It charges you your bet for each active wheel, and you get paid once for each that hits.

A more popular version of roulette is American which introduces the double zero (00) pocket. All bets’ payout remains the same, but the house edge is slightly higher because 0 and 00 work the same. Neither belongs in any combination bet like dozens or high/low.

Baccarat casino table games

Baccarat, or ‘Punto Banco’, is the simplest game you can play at any online casino. All you have to do is bet on three possible outcomes and get paid by their chances of winning. Here are your choices as a player in any version of the game:

Player bet

if the player wins, you get 1:1

Banker bet

if the banker wins, you get 1:1, but you pay a 5% commission fee


if both player and banker have equal value, then you win 8:1

How each round is decided depends on the cards dealt at the end of the round. Place your bet when the betting window is open then the dealer places one card alternating between the player and banker.

The only main difference between versions of baccarat is the pace of the game. Traditional versions will have all cards dealt face down, then revealed afterwards. Speed Baccarat in BC.GAME’s best casino table games omit that step, so every round is only up to 12 seconds.

Every card is worth their rank in points except 10, Jack, Queen, and King are all worth 0. Ace is equal to 1 under any circumstances. If the total in hand exceeds 9, then 10 points are deducted; thus, a hand consisting of an Ace and an eight will be worth 2, not 12.

Poker casino table games

Poker is a game of bets that popularised the use of chips in casinos. It is known for its wide variety, originating from different places or even countries. However, they all follow the same rule in determining which hand on the table is superior to the rest. Whether it’s a three-card or five-card poker, the following list of sequences is identified by their rank from highest to lowest:

Royal Flush

All five cards are the top-ranked in the deck wearing the same suit.

Straight Flush

The hand forms an ascending sequence and wears the same suit.

Four of a Kind

All four suits of the same rank appear in one hand.

Full House

Combination of a Three of a Kind and a Pair.


All cards in the hand wear the same suit.


The hand forms an ascending sequence.

Three of a Kind

Three out of four suits of the same rank appear in the hand.

Two Pair

Two different pairs appear in hand.


Two cards of the same rank.

High Card

No sequence. The highest ranked card represents the hand in case of a tie with another High Card.

Poker has dozens of versions, but some are more popular than others. Texas Hold’em remains the top well-known variation because of its prominence in competitive gambling. The game also has exciting spins like Side Bet City from Evolution.

Sic Bo

If you’re unfamiliar with dice games, you can look at Sic Bo as somewhat similar to roulette. Instead of a wheel, you bet on the outcome of three dice rolled simultaneously. All you have to do is place a bet on one of many options that can happen in multiple ways. The types of wagers you can do in Sic Bo are as follows:

Type of bet


Small bet

Win 1:1 if the outcome of three dice rolls between 4 to 10

Big bet

Win 1:1 if the outcome of three dice rolls between 11 to 17

Single number

Bet one of six sides to appear and get paid 1:1 for each dice that rolls that outcome


Win 11:1 on a bet of specific pair (two out of three dice roll the same side)


Win 215:1 on a bet on a Three of a Kind (all dice roll the same side)

Any triple

Win 30:1 if all three dice roll on the same side


Choose a specific pairing of outcomes for two out of three dice (not including exact pairing) and win 6:1

Total Value

Choose between numbers 4 to 17 and win if the dice’s total is equal to that, but the payout varies per option

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How to play casino table games with crypto

Casino gambling using fiat is OK, but using more valuable assets like crypto is better. Thanks to recent blockchain upgrades, any real money casino table games can be played using digital assets. BC.GAME is one of the best examples of this, with a fairly easy process of accepting your payment in Bitcoin (BTC) or any other altcoin. Here’s a quick step-by-step from registration to winning real cash:

  1. Register by clicking the ‘sign up’ button on the upper right of the screen.
    • Provide the email and password for your new account
    • Provide your account identification 
  2. Go to your BC.GAME wallet and review your options of payment methods
    • Choose which crypto you want to use
    • Choose how you want to deposit
      • Transfer assets from a third wallet via peer-to-peer (P2P)
      • Buy crypto from an exchange, then transfer from that wallet to your account balance 
      • Buy crypto on BC.GAME using credit/debit cards like MasterCard or VISA
  3. Go to BC.GAME table games and launch any title from the game selection menu
  4. Set your betting currency to the one you prefer because it’s usually set to the casino’s preferred asset
  5. Play and win real money at BC.GAME

Most live table games accept multiple wagers on different betting options. You must select them separately by clicking on them to place your poker chips. All winnings are sent to your casino account balance right after the bet has been resolved, allowing you to use it on more bets or withdraw later.

Playing using cryptocurrencies in online gambling games often comes with many benefits from the casino. Keep an eye out for call-to-action promotions like statements starting with ‘play now’ to see generous match deposits or giveaways. BC.GAME can also bring you those bonuses as invitations through email so you don’t miss out on the best deals.

Play casino table games at BC.GAME

Play casino gambling table games at BC.GAME for the best gaming experience online. It has all the features you need for a fun gambling session, from fast-paced games to a large variety of choices. Each also comes with corresponding bonuses to give you an edge in winning real money without wagering your real cash deposits.

BC.GAME is a secured online casino with the best gambling games you can play online, thanks to its exclusive bonus options. Always check out the promotions page to see what kinds of offers are available. There are conventional bonuses like reload, welcome, and giveaways. Not to mention the exciting loyalty program or cashback reward that keeps getting better the more you wager.


Feel free to ask any questions you have about BC.GAME table games. Here are some of the most frequent ones:

BC.GAME has many titles in its roster, and the most popular ones are live table games. Baccarat and European roulette are among the most frequently visited games. Other honourable mentions include poker, blackjack, and Sic Bo.
Yes. BC.GAME follows all regulations from licence providers and gaming responsibilities guidelines. You can also reach out quickly and easily through the provided contact information.
BC.GAME is a crypto casino that accepts all payments from all supported blockchain networks. For fiat deposits, payment options are different per currency. Refer to the website's list and see which works best for you.
That depends on the type of game you’re playing. Non-live games like Baccarat Supreme from One Touch have a free play mode that is accessible to all visitors of the website, including non-registered ones. On the other hand, live table games do not have that feature, but you can play them for free only if you have the eligible casino bonus.
Betting on BC.GAME is easy. Launch any game you like, then choose from one of its betting options when the betting window is open. Just make sure that you have sufficient balance to pay the stakes.
Yes. You can find them in the BC.GAME promotions page. It has all the offers you need, like the deposit bonus and giveaways.
Yes. BC.GAME is compatible with Android and iOS browsers, allowing you to play your favourite games on the go. There is also a BC.GAME App you can download for a better experience.
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